Additional Tools Help
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Calculator: On screen calculator and adding maching with ticker tape report
Employee Time Clock: Employees can easliy clock in/out, reports and totals hours
EZList: Create multiple Notepads you can label and share with the entire office
FaxView: Receive, Review, and Store Electronic Patient Faxes
Inventory: Record and track in-office inventory
LabTrack: Easily keep track of lab cases, print lab slips, & check in labs
Menu Mail:  In-Office Mail does not use the Internet
Message Center: Record and track all patient calls, store on patient's EDR
NetCom Instant Messaging: Send instant Messages to any or all Work Stations
Patient Tracking: Track Patient flow through the office, Check In/Check Out
Personal Calendar: User can has their own Personal Calendar
Phone List: Create up to 4 separate Office Phone Lists including address info