Technical Notes
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Appointment Text/Voice Reminders Ledger Rebuild
Charge Cards (X-Charge) Networking & New Computers
Digital X-Rays Patterson Imaging Setup
Electronic Ins Steps Performance Considerations
Error Code 2013-001 Online Internet Backups
Expanding Ledger Data Base Online Training Topics
Home Computer Setup Setup Non-Browse Scheduling
Installing New Work Station Setup New Schedule
Internet Update Instructions Work Station Not Connecting
Ledger Corrections ADA - Do We Have To Be Paperless?
Remote AccessElectronic Prescription Mandates
1 Installing New Work Station 37 CDT ADA Code Updates
2 Networking & New Computers 38 HIPAA Agreement
3 Online Training Topics 39 Patterson Imaging Setup
4 Basic Training Check List 40 Using iPad with EasyDent
5 Ledger Corrections 41 ID Card Scanner Settings
6 Ledger Rebuild 42 Scheduling Tips 3 Fold
7 New Office Check List 43 Dymo Type Label Printers
8 Digital X-Rays 44 Reports
9 Data Conversions 45 Survey May 2013 Training
10 Error Code 2013-001 46 Expanding Ledger Data Base
11 Internet Update Instructions 47 HIPAA Regulation Text
12 CD Update Instructions 48 Windows 8 Startup
13 Changing USB Drive Letters 49 Schick X-Ray Setup
14 Appointment Reminders 50 Windows 8 Shortcut Keys
15 Electronic Patient Statements 51 Windows 8 Defender
16 Electronic Ins Registration A 52 Kaspersky Exclusion Rules
17 Electronic Ins Registration B 53 Surface Pro Display Settings
18 Electronic Ins Steps 54 Windows XP Upgrades
19 Setup Non-Browse Scheduling 55 WebRoot Anti-Virus
20 Work Station Not Connecting 56 Scanners
21 Charge Cards (X-Charge) 57 EasyDent 3 Fold
22 Why Maintenance 58 EasyDent Buyers Guide
23 Setup New Schedule 59 Patient Info Security
24 NetCom Install 60 New Time Clock 2015
25 Low On Disk Space Message 61 EDS Claim Service
26 Home Computer Setup 62 EMail Treatment Plans
27 BizCard Removal 63 EMail XRays Images
28 EasyDent Manual 64 Different Fees by Dentist
29 Dexis Image Viewer 65 EasyDent EDR Manual
30 Example Pat Info Export PDF 66 Windows 10
31Backup Strategies67 eScripts - Allscripts
32Performance Consideration68 McAfee Anti-Virus
33Hardware Recommendations69 Windows 10 Networking
34Scanner Setup70 Insurance Carrier Cleanup
35eMail Blast Instructions71 Family Payments
36Charge Card Payment Form72 Alternate Address/Dentist
36bEmployee Clock Navy Log73 Split Excel Worksheet Tabs
36cVB6 Error Codes74Cloud Printing TSPrint
36dSignature on File75Copy Secondary Ins Info
36eEmployee View Time Report76Archiving Patients
36fEDS EDI Real Time Eligibility77Windows 7 End of Service
36gDirect Texting Setup78Windows Server Auto Logoff
36hDirect Texting79Practice Analysis Reports
36iRemote Access80eScripts Sign Up
36jOnline Patient Forms81Sales Tax
36kElectronic Prescription Mandates
36LUnInstall McAfee
    99  Expired License